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I honestly think one of my absolute favourite things in the world is just sitting with someone and having a good conversation with them. It doesn’t need to be super deep or a heart to heart, (although those are nice from time to time) but even simple things like talking about memories or hopes or accomplishments etc. it’s just so beautiful to me that I have the ability, just as just about every other human being, to connect with one another and share pieces of ourselves from within our thoughts and lives and that there’s no way possible to completely know every aspect of another person or to have seen their life completely through their eyes, yet through words we can can share pieces of this with one another. Having genuine conversations like these makes me feel like I belong, that I am accepted and that I’m am able to contribute something to the world, it makes me feel like there’s so much I don’t know about so many people and so much people don’t know about me, it helps me with development of who I am and my outlook on others/the world as a whole, it also reminds me that there’s good and there’s bad if life and that’s somehow kind of beautiful to me.